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Celebrating Three Years of Uzhavarbumi!

by Team UB (14/Sep/20)

Uzhavarbumi successfully steps into its fourth year! Uzhavarbumi founded in August 2017, began with a small team of 6 members, 20 farmers, 0 Dealers and Delivered in 2 areas, with the aim of providing farm-fresh and adulterant-free milk.

How UB is managing the recent lockdown

by Team UB (25/Mar/20)

UzhavarBumi has taken strict measures to make deliveries to customer even in these tough time and we have taken measures to make the whole supply chain more hygienic to prevent the spread of any virus.

Why we do what we do?

by Team UB (24/Jan/20)

Our founder is always flushed with the question, why he chose to do this? So this blog post is an answer to everyone who thought of this.

Milk Price Updated

by Vetrivel (17/Sep/19)

Due to recent changes in the Diary industry, we have decided to update our milk prices. Read more about the change.

UzhavarBumi, Updated

by Team UB (14/Sep/19)

UB is introducing to you our newly updated website. It presents a detailed overview of our missions. Visit our page now?

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