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Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Milestones and Progress

by Mercy Hapsiba (17/02/24)

Uzhavarbumi has had a victorious year in 2023. We would like to share the experience and how we have evolved in the past year.

தமிழகத்தில் பொங்கல் பண்டிகையின் முக்கியத்துவம்

by Bharath N (29/01/24)

தமிழகத்தில் விவசாயிகள் மற்றும் சமூகங்களை ஒன்றிணைக்கும் மகிழ்ச்சியான கொண்டாட்டமான பொங்கல் பண்டிகையின் வளமான பாரம்பரியங்கள் மற்றும் அவற்றின் நோக்கமும். #பொங்கல் #விவசாயம்

Pouring Progress: Tracing India’s Dairy Revolution

by Mercy Hapsiba (27/11/23)

Tracing India’s Milk Revolution #WhiteRevolution over the past 55 years.

FSSAI Takes a Stand: Your Daily Glass of Milk Just Got Purer!

by Radhika, Mercy (14/10/23)

FSSAI is the food standards regularting agency of India. They regularly update rules related to Milk and enforce them.

UB Tech Update - December 2022

by Adi (17/01/23)

Uzhavarbumi Technology Update for December 2022. Final update for the year, check it out.

UB Tech Update - November 2022

by Adi (25/12/22)

Uzhavarbumi Technology Update for November 2022. We have a #kuttystory for you on this one.

UB Tech Update - October 2022

by Adi (21/11/22)

Uzhavarbumi Technology Update for October 2022. It's a big one this time.

Top 5 Tips to Make Raw Cow Milk Safe to Consume in 2022!

by Mercy Hapsiba (27/10/22)

In this blog post, let us discuss how to make raw cow milk safe to Consume. Updated in [September 2022]

UB Tech Update - September

by Adi (22/10/22)

Uzhavarbumi Technology Update for September 2022

UB Tech Update - July & August

by Adi (06/09/22)

We are starting a new series of posts, to highlight the major (and also not so major) changes that we've brought to our Technology systems. This was an idea from our founder Vetrivel Palani, to share an update with our Employees, Customers, Investors, Wellwishers, Followers, and all others.

Uzhavarbumi in 2021

by Team UB (30/12/21)

A look back at 2021 and what happened at Uzhavarbumi during this past year.

What happens at UzhavarBumi everyday?

by Team UB (07/09/21)

Dear Customers, we like to always keep you informed about the events at Uzhavarbumi. In this blog post, we wanted to tell you about the processes that have to happen to bring your bottle of UB Milk, it’s what happens at Uzhavarbumi in a day!

What's in Fresh Cow Milk?

by Team UB (23/08/21)

Uzhavarbumi Agro Products Private Limited is a Dairy Products Company providing Fresh Cow Milk in Chennai. We often use the term Fresh Cow Milk without knowing the meaning. So, what is "Fresh" cow milk? And what makes Uzhavarbumi Cow milk "Fresh"?

Uzhavarbumi Milk Prices Revised

by Vetrivel Palani (17/07/21)

Dear Customers, this is Vetrivel (founder of Uzhavarbumi). I wanted to personally convey the message that we are increasing our Milk prices. From August 1st, 2021, the revised milk prices will be Rs. 65 for 1 Litre and Rs. 35 for 500ml Litre.

Why is UB Wallet Safer than Cash Payment

by Team UB (13/07/21)

Why is UB Wallet Safer than Cash Payment. Dear Customer, we would like to tell you the benefits of making payments using the UB Mobile app compared to cash payments.

Steps Taken to Ensure Safety During "The Second-Wave of COVID’19"

by Team UB (08/05/21)

Uzhavarbumi strives to serve you at all times. The second wave of COVID’19 has been very alarming for all of us. On this note, Uzhavarbumi appreciates all the dedicated members of our family – Our Dealers, Our Delivery agents, Our Women Workers, and others for their incredible input in these hard times.

How to Store UB Milk During the Summer?

by Team UB (12/04/23)

Milk needs to stored at a consistent temperature preferably low temperatures where microbes do not begin to form. As the surroundings get warmer and warmer, the bacteria in the milk start to become active. See how you can prevent that with UB Milk.

Celebrating 1234 Days of Uzhavarbumi

by Team UB (17/12/20)

Uzhavarbumi celebrates its success of 1234 days of serving farm-fresh Milk to the households of Chennai. This is a big milestone for Uzhavarbumi and only just the start for the long run.

Uzhavarbumi Dealers' Meet 2020

by Team UB (23/10/20)

Uzhavarbumi conducted a Dealer’s Meet on the 4th of October 2020 to appreciate their hard work. Dealers are the pillars of strength of Uzhavarbumi.

Celebrating Three Years of Uzhavarbumi!

by Team UB (14/09/20)

Uzhavarbumi successfully steps into its fourth year! Uzhavarbumi founded in August 2017, began with a small team of 6 members, 20 farmers, 0 Dealers and Delivered in 2 areas, with the aim of providing farm-fresh and adulterant-free milk.

How UB is managing the recent lockdown

by Team UB (25/03/20)

UzhavarBumi has taken strict measures to make deliveries to customer even in these tough time and we have taken measures to make the whole supply chain more hygienic to prevent the spread of any virus.

Why we do what we do?

by Team UB (03/05/22)

Our founder is always flushed with the question, why he chose to do this? So this blog post is an answer to everyone who thought of this.

Milk Price Updated

by Vetrivel (22/09/19)

Due to recent changes in the Diary industry, we have decided to update our milk prices. Read more about the change.

UzhavarBumi, Updated

by Team UB (17/09/19)

UB is introducing to you our newly updated website. It presents a detailed overview of our missions. Visit our page now?

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