Why is UB Wallet Safer than Cash Payment

Author : Team UB

Updated : 13/Jul/21

Dear Customer, we would like to tell you the benefits of making payments using the UB Mobile app compared to cash payments.

Important Reasons

  • UB App payments are secure
  • UB App allows UPI, Card, Netbanking, Wallet options
  • App payments can be easily tracked
  • Cash payments can take time to reflect in your wallet
  • In case of Payment failure, the amount will be refunded automatically
  • Prevents some of the human errors

How does Uzhavarbumi Mobile Application work?

Every Uzhavarbumi customer holds an account on UB Mobile Application. Customers can log in with their registered mobile number. With this mobile number, the customer can make safe, quick, and easy payments for any purchase of UB products.

These payments can be tracked from the customer end and by the company. Hence if you need any information about your transactions, you can view them on the UB mobile application. On failed transactions, (where the money has been debited from your bank account and isn’t reflected on the UB App Wallet) the refund process is initiated immediately and the said amount will be credited back to your account within 7-10 days time. Thus, transactions through our mobile app are more credible and transparent.

Cash payments are recorded manually by the Dealer, and may not be reflected on the mobile application immediately thus making it inconvenient for tracking a customer’s payments. Tracking & accountability is the sole reason why we encourage customers to manage their transactions on our mobile application. Wallet transactions can be better monitored than cash payments. By switching to UB Mobile Application, you can review your transactions for your purchases at any point in time.

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