How UB is managing the recent lockdown

Author : Team UB

Updated : 25/Mar/20

Uzhavarbumi is aiming to serve you at all times. We are taking all the possible safety measures in delivering Milk to your doorstep. We maintain a healthy environment at the UB Factory by ensuring that individuals who enter our workplace are having normal body temperature, wash their hands with soap and promote regular usage of hand sanitizers. We sterilize the Milk bottles twice to ensure cleanly packaging. Our dealers, Delivery Team always handle the product wearing protective masks and gloves.

We hope that you will also take the safety measures while receiving our products such as washing the Milk bottle with lukewarm water and use of gloves while handling the Milk bottle.  Do not consume raw Milk. Do boil milk properly before consuming it.

We aim to provide a continuous milk supply. Stay Home, stay healthy.

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Team Uzhavarbumi

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