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Uzhavarbumi's Pure Cow Milk

Pure Cow Milk

UB delivers you hygienic, chemical free milk, freshly collected from local farmers.

Uzhavarbumi's Pure Cow Ghee

Pure Cow Ghee

UB's ghee / clarified butter is traditionally made from pure cow milk.

Fresh Palkova

UB's Sweet Snack everyone loves. Made with Fresh Cow Milk & Rich source of Calcium.

Natural Honey

UB's honey is unprocessed, unsweetened and freshly collected from a local farm.

Free Range Eggs

India's First Certified 'Free-Range' Eggs. Omega 3 enriched eggs from HappyHens.

Brands We Work With

Milky Mist
Asal Milky Mist
Some More Foods
Millet Mill
Raja Farms

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Uzhavarbumi Milk's Test Report

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