About Uzhavarbumi

UB's Overview

Uzhavarbumi Agro Products Pvt Ltd, founded in July 2017, is a fresh dairy products company based in Maduranthakam, Chengalpattu, India. UB's core motive is to establish direct trade between local farmers and consumers. UB provides fresh dairy products including milk, ghee and honey. Today, UB is one of Tamilnadu's leading brands, merchandising fresh dairy products.

UB's Vision

Uzhavarbumi's fundamental vision is to deliver natural and farm-fresh dairy products and to create a direct link between local small-scale farmers and consumers. It aims to drive away commercialization and to provide sustainable products at an affordable price with no-added preservatives. UB endeavors to become an esteemed and trusted sustainable products distributor.

UB's Team

Uzhavarbumi Founder Mr.Vetrivel

Mr.Vetrivel Palani

Founder & CEO

Uzhavarbumi Co-Founder Mr.Panneerselvam


Co-Founder & MD

Uzhavarbumi Food Technologist


Food Technologist

Uzhavarbumi Plant Manager

Mr.Mohammed Ali

Plant Manager

UB's History

Mr. Vetrivel was the founder of VivasaayaNadu Trust along with a team of software professionals from Chennai. This was an initiative to protect under-privileged farmers from debt-traps and suicides. Post the Jallikattu movement, he felt the necessity to work along with local farmers and to uplift them in our society.

During his work with the Trust, he was informed of adulteration in Milk and dairy products, this was of great concern to children who were the primary consumers of Milk.

Mr.Vetrivel and his brother Mr.Panneerselvam acknowledged this fact and wished to be suppliers of fresh dairy products. They aspire to protect native cow breeds and to help marginalized farmers. Hence they did not start a dairy farm but introduced local farmers into their business.

UB's Factory

UB's premises are well maintained with personal and plant hygiene to the standard of FSSAI expectation. Especially during the COVID'19 pandemic, we ensure everything is sanitized and delivered in the safest medium.

The new factory is located at Nethapakkam, Madurantakam with a handling capacity of 10-12,000 litres of milk per day.

The procured milk is brought to our plants, for the testing, bottling and labeling of milk, which then is loaded into sanitized trucks everyday.

UB's Statistics

Uzhavarbumi is a fast growing dairy products company among hundreds of other companies belonging to the dairy sector. UB has become one of Chennai's leading brands in a short amount of time. UB initially began with supplying only 30 litres of milk daily and in 2019 it increased to 1,500 litres of milk daily, today we serve over 4,500+ customers. These are UB's major highlights:

  • Over 4,500 Customers are served daily
  • Over 4,000 Liters of milk procured everyday
  • Over 1,600 Dairy Farmers benefited
  • Over 100 Direct Jobs created, factory employees & delivery agents
  • Over 160 Areas of Chennai are being served
  • Over 45 Micro Entrepreneurs created in the form of Dealers
  • Over 30+ Women Self-help groups are being empowered

UB in 2025

  • UB intends to uplift and support more than 5000 dairy farmers
  • Find new ways to help the farming community
  • UB seeks to expand into other areas of Tamilnadu, like Trichy & Coimbatore
  • Develop the groundwork needed for a robust delivery network
  • Develop the factory to handle upwards of 20,000 liters everyday
  • Automate all aspects of the factory for to maintain timely deliveries
  • UB aims to introduce other dairy products such as home/handmade paneer and curd into the market.

UB's Awards

  • Best Agro Food Supplier 2021 Award from “Rotary Start-up Awards
  • Agri Entrepreneur, Vivasaya Virudhukal from Sree Sankara TV
  • Life changer award by save farmers NGO, Chennai.
  • Best 10 startup of Tamilnadu By SiliconIndia, Bangalore
  • Best Nature Guard Award by Abdulkalam International Trust
  • Ilam Sathanaiyaalar Award

UB on Media

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