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How is UB Milk different from other Brands?

While hundreds of dairy brands are emerging in the market, Uzhavarbumi is significant and unique from them. We provide farm fresh milk (delivered within 12 - 14 hours of milking) with zero adulterants and no added water. Here are a few steps to check whether you are consuming Uzhavarbumi Fresh Cow Milk.

How to identify Uzhavarbumi Milk?

1. Uzhavarbumi Milk will always be delivered in Glass bottles.

2. Uzhavarbumi Logo & other details are printed on the glass bottles (no more stickers).

3. You will also see that the UB bottle cap also has Uzhavarbumi printed.

4. Price changes will only be announced through Uzhavarbumi's online platforms.
As of 13 /11/2023, the milk price is ₹70 for 1L & ₹39 for 500ML.

5. Both Manufacturing & Expiration date is always mentioned on the neck of the bottle.


1. Make sure the bottle is unbroken.

2. Make sure the bottle is well sealed.

3. Check if the product is spoiled or curdled.

4. Filter Milk before use.

Other Important Instructions

1. Always use the Uzhavarbumi app for Milk Payments & get additional offers on Wallet Recharge.

2. Minimize cash transactions as it is difficult to keep up with offline transactions on our App.

3. Wash the Milk Bottle before opening & before handing it to the delivery agent.

4. If there are any issues, reach out to our customer care team immediately.

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