Customer Policies

We used to have an offer where customers who make a certain amount of recharge will get additional amount in extra. This is subject to change. App payments will not be affected in anyways, ONLY the OFFER amount will be subject to change.

We do not have the option to refund your wallet money to your personal bank account. You can either purchase other products or transfer your wallet balance to your friends or family.

Customers must create a subscription for next-day delivery by 7 p.m. Cancellations / Changes made to your subscription for the next day, after 7 p.m. will not be activated, as the delivery chart would have been generated by then.

If you don't want milk, you must create a vacation in the app before 7 PM for next day. If any emergency, you must inform your store manager or dealer about your vacation before 9 p.m.

Doorstep cancellation is not allowed and you will be charged for the product.

Please do not communicate pausing your subscription or vacations through your delivery agent, as each agent delivers to approximately 100 households and will be unable to keep track of this information. Refunds in this case will not be possible. Please only communicate these issues through your dealer or only the UB Mobile App.

If the Milk has curdled or spoilt, please inform us before 9 a.m. on the same day. In case there has been a delivery delay, please inform us before 10 a.m. We will then investigate further and advise you on this matter. A refund is only possible when there is an issue on our end. Therefore, we advise you to boil the fresh milk, within 30 minutes from the time of delivery.

We don't charge for the first bottle breakage. After that, we charge ₹30 for a one-litre bottle and ₹25 for a half-litre bottle.

During the registration process for the sample milk, customers must enter the Referral Code received from an existing UB Customer. You both must have recharged for a minimum of ₹1500, for you and your referrer to get ₹200 each. Without a Referral Code, it is not possible to get wallet rewards as it is an automated process. for more info please check ours refer and earn page.

If a customer relocates, they must submit an app feedback or speak with customer service. Please avoid directly updating the location in the app as it might disturb the delivery chain.

Your subscription will automatically be changed to a Pause Status if your wallet balance is zero or minus. You need to recharge your wallet before 7 p.m. to receive milk delivery for the next day. You will get notified through the UB Mobile App & via text message about your low balance on your registered Mobile Number. If you face any issues while recharging, please inform your store manager or dealer ASAP.

To end your Milk Subscription, you must have an Active Subscription. If you have a wallet balance but don't have an active subscription, milk will not be delivered. You will be informed through the UB Mobile App about your Subscription End Date.

If you have not received your milk delivery, with an active subscription, please inform us before 9 a.m. on the same day. You can contact us through our customer care number.

In case you wish to exit our service and would like us to refund the pending advance amount. Our team will review you past transactions for clarity and will initiate a refund to the UPI ID or the Bank account of your choice. Please Note : 1) 2.5 % banking charges will reduce from your wallet balance. 2) Refferal credit offer amount in your wallet is non refundable. 3) Only the recharged amount is refundable. 4) We do not provide cash refunds in any other circumstances.

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