UB Tech Update - November 2022

Author : Adi

Updated : 25/Dec/22

#UbTechUpdate for November, 2022

Hi all, another month, another Tech Update from Uzhavarbumi. It's Adi Sk here again with the tech update for November 2022. You can catch the last edition here.


  • As we expand our business, we are in need of new people who align with our goals and priorities. Our plan is to expand the team in the near future. So we needed a careers page on our website, to showcase the job openings. We now have a shiny new careers page, designed by Bharath.
  • We didn't stop with just showing the jobs, we also wanted a way for candidates to apply for it and upload their CVs. So we now have a form for each job listing, for people to provide their info.
  • Milk Meter - one of our core principles is to be open and transparent about our product, inline with that, we added a way to check the full test report of our milk from a Govt. accredited lab. Previous we could only view the first page of the report, this was because we didn't have a report more than 1 page long, but we have started to test our milk for over 25 parameters now, so this change required that we be able to show more than just one page.

Admin Portal

  • Our new career page needed a way to be updated with new job listings and also needed a way to keep track of the applicants. So to ease the backend process, I added a new module in our "ever-growing" ERP to add new job listings and to check our job applicants.
  • One day we were discussing the density of our customers in an area to optimize our delivery route planning better. To visualize this data, I built a comprehensive report, that will visualize customers' locations on a map, this has come as a big revelation in how we handle onboarding of new customers. Check out this Linkedin post by our founder.

Delivery List

  • Delivery List is a link shared to our Delivery persons by our Dealership Manager, this link has a list of customers and their Milk orders to be delivered. Prior to this change, it was like one-way communication of what to deliver but now our Delivery Persons can update the status of each delivery accordingly. This status is now visible to our dealers, so there's less missing communication happening.


  • In November there was a downtime of 3 hours to our systems, because of our Database server using up its storage, but thankfully it was in the dead of night, so no customers were affected, it was fixed as soon as it was reported to me. Always set Binary Log size in Mysql, learning from this incident. Read more about this here.
  • Incidents and downtimes do occur in production, not all variables can be monitored. To avoid long downtimes, I set up automatic reporting via a Voice call, if a system is offline for more than 5mins. I used Twilio and Zapier to automate it, thankfully it's not been triggered yet, I like to keep it that way 🤞

That's all for this edition of our #UbTechUpdate. Talk to you at the next one. If you would like to know more about our system or have specific doubts, do let us know in the comments, we are always ready to help.

Thanks for reading. by Adi Sk, CTO of Uzhavarbumi

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