UB Tech Update - July & August

Author : Adi

Updated : 06/Sep/22

We are starting a new series of posts, to highlight the major (and also not so major) changes that we’ve brought to our Technology systems. This was an idea from our founder Vetrivel Palani, to share an update with our Employees, Customers, Investors, Wellwishers, Followers, and all others.

This edition covers changes brought in July & August

The team

  1. We are happy to announce that we’ve made our first hire Bharath N (other than our one-man-army CTO), he’s been catching up on some basics and will start working on our systems soon.

Our Dealer App

  1. We have implemented an option to share the Delivery route with the Delivery persons, previously this was done manually by the Dealer or our Delivery managers. This has been of great use for us as we are looking to optimize our Deliveries further.

  2. We have started working on redesigning the Dealership management app from the ground up, using the latest versions of our tech stack. We are building this app with Vue 3, Tailwind 3, and Capacitor 4. It is always great fun porting an app, especially designing a better UI to make it easier to use, having had years of feedback.

Our Customer App

  1. Work on an iOS version of our app has been pending for ages at this point and we want to work on bringing it back to the Apple App store after it was removed for being a “subscription” based system & not using Apple payment gateway. We have made a working* version of our app for iOS but it still has some rough edges that need to be ironed out before it can be published.

Our Admin Portal

This system is by far our champion workhorse, so changes here have always had great consequences (usually positive).

  1. We built a simple-to-use Tasks system, where the management team can assign tasks to supervisors and other team members, which can be viewed and updated by the receiver of the Task.

  2. We use Metabase for our reporting & BI needs, but it’s always a hassle to maintain multiple logins for different systems. So we decided to migrate our core reporting dashboards to the Admin portal. This way it’s closer to our day-to-day work and all within the same portal. Metabase is a worthy tool for any organization’s reporting needs.

  3. The most exciting change was the integration of RazorpayX Payroll into our portal to process Employees’ salaries at a click of a button. This has reduced the time it takes to process the payouts to mere seconds. To see this work at any scale is just fabulous. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, automating the mundane & repetitive tasks. We also plan on implementing the same for our Farmer payouts soon.

That’s all for this edition, we will bring you these updates every month. If you would like to more about our system or have specific doubts, do let us know in the comments, we are always ready to help.

by Adi Sk, CTO of Uzhavarbumi

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