What's in Fresh Cow Milk?

Author : Team UB

Updated : 23/Aug/21


Uzhavarbumi Agro Products Private Limited is a Dairy Products Company providing Fresh Cow Milk in Chennai. We often use the term Fresh Cow Milk without knowing the meaning. So, what is “Fresh” cow milk? And what makes Uzhavarbumi Cow milk “Fresh”?

Fresh Milk is mostly preferred by all as it is healthier in its natural form. It contains about 87 percent water hence fresh milk is thin and watery in its pure form. The rest of the milk is constituted with various nutrients such as proteins, lactose minerals, vitamins (B5 & B12), phosphorous, and selenium. All of these nutrients are definitely present in other forms of milk but differ in amounts, hence it is essential to buy fresh milk whenever possible.

Uzhavarbumi provides farm-fresh, raw, and unprocessed milk to the homes of Chennai. Raw milk is the purest form of milk with vital nutrients. Most packaged forms of milk are pasteurized or homogenized. Pasteurization is a process by which milk is heated to a certain temperature in order to kill the pathogens present in it. Pasteurization allows the milk to retain freshness and texture for a longer time; in simple terms a longer shelf-life. Homogenization is a process by which the fat molecules are evenly distributed in the milk. Uzhavarbumi does not pasteurize or homogenize the milk. It is completely unprocessed. Our milk is procured from marginal farmers, tested for adulterants, chilled, and packed in eco-friendly glass bottles which are then delivered to your doorstep! Milk is an everyday drink. Scientists suggest that an individual should drink three to four cups of milk every day to get essential proteins.

Want to know a quick recipe to boost your immunity? Add one teaspoon of turmeric and powdered black pepper to a hot glass of Uzhavarbumi Milk and serve. Drink twice a day to boost your natural immunity!!!

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