Frequently Asked Questions


General Query

1) What are the areas UB serve in Chennai?

We serve in more than 90 areas of Chennai. Check the link to know if we serve near you.
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2) What is the price of your Milk?

Rs.65 for 1 liter and Rs.35 for 500ml

Product Related

1) What is the shelf-life of UB milk?

The shelf-life of the product is 1 day.Boil the milk as soon as you receive it.It can stay good/fresh upto 24 hours in the fridge. Alternatively, refrigerate the milk to less than 4°C.

2) How do we return the milk bottle after use?

On the next morning delivery,our agents themselves will collect the bottles. Please clean it after use and put on the collection bag/unit for it to be picked up.

3) How do we get a tax breakup for the amount we pay?

You will be able to see the tax breakup for applicable products from the receipt or else from the transaction summary. Tax Information: Milk : 0% Honey: 0% Ghee : 12%

4) Will I be charged for a sample?

Yes, you will be charged for the sample.

5) Can I feed my infant, UB milk?

Yes, you can feed your infant with UB milk.The only thing that you need to do is to dilute the milk with water before feeding.

6) How can you assure the quality of your milk?

We test the milk in NABL accredited laboratory on periodic basis.We also ensure its quality in our own laboratory, where we test the milk for its common adulterants, water content, fat, SNF on daily basis.

7) Is this A1 or A2 milk?

We do not claim whether it is A1/A2 as we don't have any certificate. We are collecting milk from 75% of native breed cows and 25% native cross breeds.

8) What does Uzhavarbumi do with the excess milk after processing??

We distribute the excess milk to the people living in the local area.

Company Related

1) Does UB own any dairy farm?

No, we don't.We are collecting milk from dairy farmers of nearby villages.
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App Related

1) Are payments made through the app secure?

Yes, we use Razorpay & Instamojo to handle all our payments. They use the state of the art security.
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2) There are missing transactions in the App?

Please contact us. Since we store all successful transactions, we will look into it.
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3) Why we encourage monthly subscriptions?

In case your UB Wallet balance is Low, your subscription will be temporarily paused till the wallet is recharged. We run offers for Customers who recharge on a monthly basis.

Delivery Related

1) Do you charge for product delivery?

Yes, our dealers charge between ₹150-₹200 per month based on your location from them.

2) What time is the milk delivered?

Delivery time depends on the weather of that particular day. On good weather we complete our deliveries by 6:00-7:00 AM.

3) Can I have the option to cancel or add the milk quantity in my regular subscription?

Yes, you can always ask for an extra bottle of milk or cancel the delivery on preferred date.

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