Frequently Asked Questions


We serve in more than 90 areas of Chennai. Check the link to know if we serve near you.
₹75 for 1 Liter and ₹40 for 500ml
We don’t charge for the first bottle breakage. After that, we charge Rs.40 for a one-litre bottle and Rs.25 for a half-litre bottle.
Our milk price is affordable compared to other fresh milk brands in Chennai. You can find that the same milk is being sold for Rs.100 to 120 per litre.
The shelf-life of the product is 1 day.Boil the milk as soon as you receive it.It can stay good/fresh upto 24 hours in the fridge. Alternatively, refrigerate the milk to less than 4°C.
On the next morning delivery,our agents themselves will collect the bottles. Please clean it after use and put on the collection bag/unit for it to be picked up.
You will be able to see the tax breakup for applicable products from the receipt or else from the transaction summary. Tax Information: Milk : 0% Honey: 0% Ghee : 12%
Yes, you will be charged for the sample.
Yes, you can feed your infant with UB milk.The only thing that you need to do is to dilute the milk with water before feeding.
We test the milk in NABL accredited laboratory on periodic basis.We also ensure its quality in our own laboratory, where we test the milk for its common adulterants, water content, fat, SNF on daily basis.
We do not claim whether it is A1/A2 as we don't have any certificate. We are collecting milk from 75% of native breed cows and 25% native cross breeds.
The milk you are getting is from a mix of many different cows’ milk. The quality of milk varies based on the feed, climate, pasture, etc. We are not doing any processes like Homogenization and standardization to maintain the same quality of milk. Although the quality may be different, there is a complete surety that the milk is farm-fresh.
The milk should be boiled as soon as you receive it. The boiled milk can be stored in the fridge for 24hrs. You can reheat the milk whenever you wish to consume it.
Fresh cow milk is prone to spoilage, which is its nature. The temperature fluctuations may speed up spoilage. We recommend our customers boil the milk as soon as they receive it to overcome this issue. If the milk spoiled you can get a refund by raising feedback in the app before 11 am.
We provide milk in a glass bottle with a lug cap hence a bottle crack and cap loosening are unavoidable during transport and handling. If the glass bottle seems to have a crack, the milk should be discarded. if it’s because of a loose cap that milk can be used after filtration. There won’t be any contamination in the milk. You can inform your dealer about the leakage and get a refund or replacement.
No, we don't.We are collecting milk from dairy farmers of nearby villages.
We distribute the excess milk to the people living in the local area.
We value our product: Milk. There is the effort of multiple farmers and Workers behind every bottle of milk. The product given without a price might be misused by many.
PalKhoa, Pure Cow Ghee, Pure Honey and country eggs are the other products we provide.
Now we are serving 100+ areas in Chennai. If we have any requirements for new Dealers, we will update that on our social media.
Yes, we use Razorpay & Instamojo to handle all our payments. They use the state of the art security.
Please contact us. Since we store all successful transactions, we will look into it.
In case your UB Wallet balance is Low, your subscription will be temporarily paused till the wallet is recharged. We run offers for Customers who recharge on a monthly basis.
By using the app, you can track your purchase and payment history. You can create extra milk requests or vacation requests easily. And there will be special offers for your monthly wallet recharges and for referring new customers.
Uzhavarbumi offers a “Refer and Earn” program to its customers. An existing customer can refer a new customer to UB with a referral code, upon successful signup and wallet recharge with the referral code, both customers will get wallet credits of Rs. 150 and above.
A lot of people in the city are used to drinking processed and packed milk so the switch to fresh cow milk might feel different. So, we always encourage new customers to try our sample for a few days and once they are ready to commit to a subscription, we will create a customer account for you. Till then you won’t be able to log in to the app.
The customer should recharge their wallet when it reaches below Rs.200. The subscription will be active only if the customer’s wallet balance is above the amount of a single day’s delivery. If it’s below, milk delivery will be stopped until you recharge. You will also be notified when your wallet is low.
Daily subscriptions and alternate-day subscriptions are available
We make payments to our dairy farmers every ten days, and we have never missed a payment to them in over 4 years of our service. Hence we cannot work on credit or "end-of-month pay" for our milk delivery.
No. We do not charge for product delivery.
Delivery time depends on the weather of that particular day. On good weather we complete our deliveries by 6:00-7:00 AM.
Yes, you can always ask for an extra bottle of milk or cancel the delivery on preferred date.
The delivery of sample milk may take time between 2-5 days. If you don’t get any update on the sample milk after 3 days you can contact our customer care number, 8939989887 and remind us kindly.
You Can contact your dealer (Number Provided in Mobile App) or You can inform your queries to our customer care number 8939989887 through WhatsApp or You can raise feedback in our mobile app which will be resolved within 24 hours.
Our cows are not injected with growth hormones. We conduct regular sessions for our cattle owners with experts from the ethnoveterinary field. All our farmers use this medicine/practice to maintain healthy cattle.
No. Uzhavarbumi only provides fresh, unprocessed cow milk. We chill the fresh milk to below 4 degrees celsius to inactivate the microbial and enzymatic reactions. We do not do any processes like homogenization, standardization, and pasteurization which may alter the nature of milk.
We provide two types of feed, Green Fodder and Dry feed like oil cakes, Paddy straw, etc
We do the following steps for cleaning the bottles before reusing them. 1. Rinsing with RO water 2. Detergent wash with brushing and scrubbing. 3. Intermediate rinsing with RO water 4. Final sterilization with hot water. We have a semi-automatic system for bottle washing which cleans the bottle effectively.

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