What happens at UzhavarBumi everyday?

Author : Team UB

Updated : 07/Sep/21

Dear Customers, we like to always keep you informed about the events at Uzhavarbumi. In this blog post, we wanted to tell you about the processes that have to happen to bring your bottle of UB Milk, it’s what happens at Uzhavarbumi in a day!


Collecting Milk from farmers
The first thing we do is collect the milk from our farmers. The Uzhavarbumi truck goes to a different location within a ten-kilometer radius from our plant to procure the milk from local farmers. It is loaded into the trucks and reaches the Uzhavarbumi Factory located at Nethapakkam, Madurantakam.


Milk TestingThe Milk is then tested for its sensory properties (smell and appearance). After which each milk container (from each farmer) is weighed separately. A sample of milk from each container is taken for further testing, adulterant, Fat SNF, and microbial quality testing.


Milk ChillingOn Positive results, the milk is then passed through an instant chiller. The milk is chilled to less than four degrees Celsius which is then stored in a bulk milk chiller.


Cleaning Bottles
Meanwhile, the glass bottles are being cleaned simultaneously as the milk is being chilled. The glass bottles undergo normal rinsing in cold water followed by bottle brushing with mild detergent to clean out any dirt particles. Then it is sterilized with hot water followed by UV chamber sterilization.


Milk FillingThen the milk is filled into the clean and sterilized glass bottles with the help of an automated filling machine. Then the bottles are capped and sealed.


Filling in CratesAfter the milk bottles are sealed; it is stored in crates and is loaded into sanitized refrigerated Uzhavarbumi Trucks. It is then ready to be delivered.

The crates are delivered to dealers who will then distribute them to delivery agents, after which it lands on your doorstep!

This is how we work!

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Team UB


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