Uzhavarbumi Dealers' Meet 2020

Author : Team UB

Updated : 23/Oct/20

Uzhavarbumi conducted a Dealer’s Meet on the 4th of October 2020 to appreciate their hard work. Dealers are the pillars of strength of Uzhavarbumi. They work 24/7 to deliver our products to our customers. Even during the pandemic, when everyone is advised to stay home safe, our dealers work to satisfy our customers. We held this meeting to appreciate them, to discuss our drawbacks and how we could improve them in the future. We distributed certificates and trophies to acknowledge their hard work followed by a feast. After Lunch all participating Dealers were taken on a tour of our new facility and were explained the inner workings of how UB operates.

Dear Dealers, it is your dedication that has contributed to Uzhavarbumi’s success. You mean a lot to our team. And I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to you all. Thank you! ~ Mr Vetrivel, Founder


Images from the Event


Team UB
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