How to Store UB Milk During the Summer?

Author : Team UB

Updated : 12/Apr/23

Why does milk get spoiled during the summer?

Milk contains a sugar called lactose the micro-organisms in the milk convert the lactose to lactic acid and make the milk curdle and sour. These microorganisms require a specific temperature for their reaction. Hence the milk needs to be stored at low temperatures where the efficiency of microbes becomes lower as they are inactivated. The surroundings get warmer and warmer, the reaction rate increases and the milk gets curdled or spoiled easily.

As you may realize the milk that reaches you in homes, in packets may be stored longer because they are processed milk. Uzhavarbumi provides farm-fresh milk that is instantly chilled to a minimum of 4 degrees Celsius as soon as it is procured. The milk quality is retained by maintaining a low temperature until it reaches the dealers with the help of a cold chain network. Our delivery boys bring the milk in insulated bags where the temperature begins to increase by 3-4 degrees. So, it is best to boil the milk as soon as you receive it.

The first step to storing milk is to put it in the fridge as soon as you receive it. However, the hot summer can spoil your milk even if it has been just sitting in the fridge. We advise you to boil the milk as soon as you receive it. Then after it cools down, you can store it in the fridge. This certainly is a great benefit, as it keeps the milk from getting curdled for longer.

Uzhavarbumi ensures the quality of the milk it provides. We strive to deliver farm-fresh milk in its purest and unprocessed form.



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