Celebrating 1234 Days of Uzhavarbumi

Author : Team UB

Updated : 17/Dec/20

Chennai, Tamilnadu: Uzhavarbumi - the idea ignited in Vetrivel and his brother Paneerselvam, began in 2017 with a small team and grew into one of Tamil Nadu's leading Fresh Milk brand. Today (17/12/2020), Uzhavarbumi celebrates its success of 1234 days of serving farm-fresh Milk to the households of Chennai. This is a big milestone for Uzhavarbumi and only just the start for the long run.

Uzhavarbumi is proud to be celebrating this day as 90% of Indian startups do not sustain the test of time. While many startups fail to grow beyond a point, Uzhavarbumi has crossed the three-year mark and is still growing strong. The last three years have been strenuous and demanding. Amidst the Chennai floods, the COVID 19 pandemic, and the Nivar Cyclone, Uzhavarbumi continued to collect and deliver fresh Milk to all customers without fail.

Uzhavarbumi began with a small team of 3 Members, 2 Farmers, and 10 Customers intending to provide farm-fresh and adulterant-free Milk. Now, Uzhavarbumi is a team of 26 Employees, 600+ Farmers, 30+ Women Self Help Groups, 32 Dealers and currently serving across Chennai in 90 different areas to over 4000 households.

Uzhavarbumi is very grateful to all the Farmers, Women Self-Help Groups, Dealers, Delivery Agents, and Employees for their dedication and hard work.

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