Uzhavarbumi Milk Prices Revised

Author : Vetrivel Palani

Updated : 17/Jul/21

Dear Customers,
This is Vetrivel (founder of Uzhavarbumi). I wanted to personally convey the message that we are increasing our Milk prices. From August 1st, 2021, the revised milk prices will be ₹65 for 1 Litre and ₹35 for 500ml.

Uzhavarbumi had increased the milk prices back in October 2019. Since then Uzhavarbumi has gone through a lot of changes, both as a brand and our mode of operation. We have upgraded to a new plant with modern facilities to ensure the efficiency of our production. We constructed this new milk plant in consideration of the safety and accessibility for both our farmers and customers.

In this new plant, we have a new laboratory to analyze each batch of milk that is procured, for its milk contents and to make sure there’s no adulteration or any harmful materials present. We have upgraded how we handle our glass bottles to ensure they are as clean as possible before they go for filling the milk. We have invested in automated filling machines, that will reduce human interaction with the product.

We are constantly thinking about how we can ensure safety for you. We are investing in new technology like UV chamber to UV treat milk bottles before and after filling, this system will be operational in a few months.

Customer safety & health are our biggest priorities, we will continue to invest more resources into fulfilling those priorities.

Our operational costs have increased along with fuel prices & other crucial materials we use, like Glass bottles. These are the reasons why we have decided to revise our milk prices, to better ensure your safety and farmers’ livelihoods.

New Prices from 1st August 2021
1L - ₹65 (Old Price ₹60)
500ml - ₹35 (Old Price ₹33)
•The delivery charges will remain the same between ₹100 - ₹150, this will be collected by your dealer.

If you would like to talk to us, you can reach us via our mobile app or WhatsApp.

Thank You,
Vetrivel, Founder of Uzhavarbumi

We serve what you deserve!

Thank You.

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