Our Referral Program

UzhavarBumi has introduced a new referral program!

Sign up to our UB Customer App and share your Referral Code with your friends. As soon as your friend registers using your referral code and recharges their wallet for a minimum of ₹1500 both you and your friend will get a credit of ₹200 & ₹200 respectively in your wallets.

Use your wallet money to buy Farm-fresh Cow Milk or any other UB products! You can buy products on your choice of dates. It will be delivered to your doorstep.

Refer and Earn Now!

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1. Download & Install UzhavarBumi app.

2. Open UB Customer App and Signup or Login.

3. Share your referral code with friends and family.

4. Let them know to use your Referral code when they singup.

5. Once they make a recharge of ₹1500 or above.

6. You will get ₹200 and your friend will get ₹200 credited to your Wallets instantly.

Terms & Conditions

1. You cannot refer any existing Customers, this is valid only for new Customers.

2. Your refer-and-earn process must be successful in order for your wallets to be credited.

3. The person being referred must use the referral code for the refer-and-earn process to be successful.

4. A person may refer an unlimited number of persons but be only referred by one person.

5. A successful refer-and-earn process will result in a wallet credit of ₹200 to the person referring and ₹200 to the person being referred.

6. Both of you will get your credits only when the person being referred make a wallet recharge of ₹1500 or above.

7. Wallet credits can only be used within the UzhavarBumi app & website to purchase UzhavarBumi products. This credit cannot be transferred to any other Customer or be withdrawn.

8. Your referral code can be shared with as many people as you like.

9. UzhavarBumi can block any user in case of suspicious activity.

10. This refer-and-earn program holds valid only for the defined period of time by UzhavarBumi.

11. For any more information or queries contact us.

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