Milk Price Updated

Author : Vetrivel

Updated : 22/Sep/19

Dear Customers,

This is Vetrivel, UB's founder. I wanted to talk to you about the recent changes in the dairy industry and how it impacts you, as UB customers.

You may all be aware of the fact that Tamilnadu's Aavin (State-owned Milk Cooperative) has recently raised the price of milk by ₹6/L. This was in part due to the pressure given to the government by dairy farmers who have been demanding better prices for their Milk since 2016. Aavin has also said that they would hike their procurement price for Cow milk by ₹4/L and Buffalo milk by ₹6/L.

UB welcomes this change from Aavin as this will have the most impact in small and medium farmer demographics.

UB has always stayed a step ahead of these changes from the Government. As helping small farmers' livelihood has always been our mission since inception. We want to stay ahead by also hiking our procurement price further. The increases may be marginal but over time they add up to something significant at the farmer's end.

We have decided to increase our Pure Cow Milk's price as a result of the above-mentioned changes. We hope you understand the reasoning behind our decision to increase the price. If you have come to enjoy and appreciate our milk's quality, it's only because of those farmers. We are obliged to support those who provide us with the best possible product.


New Prices

1L - ₹60 (from ₹55)

500mL - ₹33 (from ₹30)

Delivery charges will remain the same between ₹100 - ₹150, this will be collected by your dealer.

These changes will come to effect from 1st of October, 2019.


If you have any feedback or concern, do let us know here. We are here to help.

We serve what you deserve!

Thank You.

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