Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Milestones and Progress

Author : Mercy Hapsiba

Updated : 17/Feb/24

Reflecting on 2023

We began 2023 with a victorious start. Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Vetrivel Palani, received the Uzhavan Award 2023 on behalf of Uzhavarbumi from Actor Karthi. Celebrating our six years of journey we have touched one of our best years, in 2023.

Here are the numbers that highlighted the year for us!

Uzhavarbumi regularly procures cow milk from 700+ cattle farmers around Madurantakam, uplifting rural & marginal farmers and giving them a source of stable income. In 2023, Uzhavarbumi procured over 16 Lakh liters of fresh cow milk, which marks the highest milk procurement year.

Avoiding plastic and contributing to a greener environment is a responsibility that Uzhavarbumi takes seriously. As a result, UB has avoided over seven tonnes of plastic packaging material and in turn, delivered milk in 2,88,200 glass bottles that are eco-friendly and safely disposable.

With an impeccable improvement of 96% in UB’s Mobile Application usage among Android users, the application was re-launched for IOS users.

We provide Fresh Cow Milk to over 15,000+ homes in Chennai, we were thrilled to introduce our product to another 10,700+ families, with over 8,000 unique orders for non-dairy products!

More than the numbers, Uzhavarbumi has upgraded the bottling filling line, improved delivery efficiency by increasing the network, and sourced only the best quality cow milk from farmers.

One of Uzhavarbumi’s aims was to put out healthy breakfast options for our existing customers. To achieve that, we partnered with nine distinct food brands to bring you 100+ healthy, wholesome, and enjoyable breakfast options!

A big thank you to our partners - HappyHens, Some More Foods, MilkyMist, Dhaanyas, Asal Foods, Briyas, Millet Mill, GoodLife, and Raja Farms.

As Uzhavarbumi is stepping into the seventh year of its journey, we would like to thank all our mentors, investors and well-wishers. And most importantly, you - our customers. Thanks for choosing us. Thanks for choosing UB!

Cheers to 2023,

Team UB

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