Top 5 Tips to Make Raw Cow Milk Safe to Consume in 2022!

Author : Mercy Hapsiba

Updated : 27/Oct/22
Blog Post - #17

In this blog post, let us discuss how to make raw cow milk safe to drink.

Raw milk is farm-fresh and unprocessed milk provided by cattle and it contains all the nutrition in its natural state. It is the healthiest form of milk one can use to consume. And here is your first tip!

  1. Boil before consumption - Uzhavarbumi always encourages its customers to boil the fresh cow milk we provide before drinking. There remains a lot of controversy about consuming raw milk that comes straight from the cattle, so always boil it before consumption.
  2. Where does your raw milk come from? - Before you assume that all the milk you consume is good and healthy, it is wise to question, where the raw milk comes from. If the milk comes from a trusted vendor, then you are good to go and can consume it as soon as you get it at home. If you do own a cow, make sure the udders and the vessel used for storage are clean before you start milking. It is crucial to filter the milk before usage, as this will filter out anydebris in the milk if any.
  3. Temperature check - As you might already know, the stability of the temperature is one main reason for the milk not to curdle. Always make sure the milk is boiled once you get it at home, even if you are not using it right then. After which you can store it in the refrigerator, if you do leave the milk in the open, because of temperature variation, it may start to curdle! Do not consume the milk if it's curdled or has a sour smell.
  4. How to store milk? - The best way to store milk is to pour it into a clean and dry glass bottle or a jar and refrigerate it. This is the best way to keep it from curdling. But it is ok to store it in a thick, clean steel vessel too as we do it everywhere in South India.
  5. Sanitise and clean everything, including your hands!

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