Celebrating Three Years of Uzhavarbumi!

Author : Team UB

Updated : 14/Sep/20


Uzhavarbumi successfully steps into its fourth year! Uzhavarbumi founded in August 2017, began with a small team of 6 members, 20 farmers, 0 Dealers and Delivered in 2 areas, with the aim of providing farm-fresh and adulterant-free milk. Our growth has been tremendous till date with the increasing number of customers. Now, three successful years later, Uzhavarbumi is a team of 26 Employees, 700+ Farmers, 30+ Women Self Help Groups, 32 Dealers and currently serving across Chennai in 90 different areas.

We also would like to announce our brand new factory - six times larger than the current factory - operating at Nethapakkam, Madurantakam.

The new plant is equipped with:

  • Automated PLC based milk filling system
  • Instant Chilling Plant
  • Fully equipped Chemical and Microbiology Testing Lab
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Semi-Automatic Bottle Washing Plant

We will be soon expanding our areas we serve across Chennai. We hope to serve you better!


UB in the times of COVID'19

The current circumstances due to COVID'19 have made it rather difficult for everyone to build new work routines. Uzhavarbumi strives to ensure there is a continuous supply of Milk even during times like this. However, we take all the necessary precautions, from the procurement of milk and until it reaches your doorstep. Every person entering the Uzhavarbumi Factory is checked for their body temperature with a digital thermometer and requested to wash hands with soap. We promote all the members in the unit to wear gloves and sanitize their hands at regular intervals. The Milk is packaged into glass bottles that are sterilized twice and are loaded into UB trucks that are completely sanitized. Drivers and Dealers always use hand gloves and sanitize their hands after each delivery. We take all the necessary safety measures to make sure the products reach you in a hygienic manner.

We take this moment in thanking all the customers and supporters of Uzhavarbumi. Celebrating three years of Uzhavarbumi's success with you all!



Stay Home, Stay Healthy!
Team Uzhavarbumi

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