Paal Pongal

Paal Pongal

Category: Main Course

Cuisine: South Indian

Creamy paal pongal: Rice & lentils cooked in milk, flavored with ghee, cashews, and cardamom. A South Indian delight.
- By Parkavi


Raw rice -1 cup

Moong dal optional - 2 tsp

Water - 6 cups

Milk – 2 cup

Salt to taste

Ghee – 4 tsp

Preparation Time: 5 min

Cooking Time: 35 min


First rinse rice, dal and keep and soak in water for an hour.

Take milk in a pot Let it boil at medium flame.

Now add the drained rice, dal mixture.

Cover and cook for 15 min. Keep stirring in-between to avoid sticking to the pan.

When rice is 3/4 th cooked add required salt.

Cook until its thick and creamy.

Finally add ghee mix well and switch off.

While serving make a dent in the center add ghee and Enjoy Paal Pongal!

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