Sathu Maavu Puttu

Sathu Maavu Puttu

Category: Steamed Snack

Cuisine: Indian

Steamed cakes with a health mix of grains and spices, creating a wholesome, flavorful delight.
- By Parkavi


Health mix flour ½ cup

Salt to taste – 1/4th tbsp

Coconut shredded – 2tbsp

Water - as needed

Ghee – For greasing

Cane sugar as needed for serving

Preparation Time: 10 min

Cooking Time: 20 min


Dry roast the health mix flour for 5 mins in low flame.

Make sure to roast at only in low flame to avoid flour getting burnt.

Cool down the flour completely, then transfer to a bowl.

Add salt to it. Mix it well first.

Then sprinkle the water little by little and keep mixing.

When you take and hold the flour tight it should form shape. And when you crumble, it should fall apart easily, that’s the perfect consistency for soft puttu flour.

It should be sandy in texture.

You can even add a tablespoon of coconut in this mixture too.

Add water to a pressure cooker. Cover the cooker with lid without the whistle.

Meanwhile grease the puttu maker with ghee, add 1tsp grated coconut and three tsp of puttu flour in alternative layers till the rim of the puttu maker.

Pat it well, press it slightly to have an even top.

When it starts to smoke through the cooker hole place puttu maker over the steam release, steam cook for 3 mins or until smoke comes through both the holes in the puttu maker.

Gently open and invert on a plate to demould.

Serve Sathu Maavu Puttu hot with coconut and cane sugar!

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