Milk Sharbat

Milk Sharbat

Indulge in the blissful fusion of creamy freshness and vibrant flavors with our delightful Milk Sharbat— a refreshing sip of joy!
- By Divya


Sabja Seeds- 2 tbsp

Milk- 500 ml

Water- As required

Cashews- 10-15 pcs

Almonds- 20 pcs

Cardamom- ½ tsp

Condensed Milk or Sugar (As required)

Pomegranate- ½ cup

Apple- 3 pcs (Peeled)


Take Sabja seeds to a bowl and add water to it. Keep them aside for a few hours.

Grind almond and cashews separately and keep them aside.

Heat milk in a pan. Keep stirring to avoid burning.

Add cardamom, almond, and cashews to it. Stir. Cool it down to room temperature.

Transfer the milk into a bowl. Add condensed milk, pomegranate, and grate a peeled apple in it.

Lastly, add the soaked sabja seeds and mix everything.

Milk Sharbat is ready.

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