Honey Chili Potato

Honey Chili Potato

Category: Snack

Cuisine: Chinese

Indulge in the sweet and spicy delight of honey chili potatoes, where crispy potato wedges are tossed in a tantalizing blend of honey and chili for a flavor-packed treat.
- By Radhika


Potato - 4 medium sizes

Honey - 1/4th cup

Corn flour - 1/4th cup + 2tsp for slurry

Salt - as required

Pepper powder - as required

Chili sauce - 2tsp

Tomato sauce - 2tsp

Soya sauce - 2tsp

Sesame seeds - 2tsp

Ginger - 1tsp chopped

Garlic - 1tsp chopped

Oil - for deep fry

Preparation Time: 10 min

Cooking Time: 40 min


Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into equal finger-sized pieces.

Coat the potatoes with 1/4th cup corn flour.

Deep fry the potatoes in hot oil until golden color.

Take a pan pour oil add chopped ginger, garlic saute for a minute add tomato, soya, and chilli sauce.

Now add the corn flour slurry (2tsp corn flour+ 2tsp water).

Stir continuously to avoid lumps. Then add the fried potatoes.

Now add the honey and sesame seeds and serve hot.

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